About Blonde and Hangry

My name is Kim, and I’ve been a foodie for about as long as I can remember.  When most kids at age 12 were watching Nickelodeon, I was watching the Food Network, and falling in love with cooking.

Stuffing a turkey back in the braces days!

After college, I really started getting into cooking – I would have dinner parties, pot lucks; anything that allowed me to cook a bunch of food for friends and family.  For me, cooking is an outlet.  People think I’m crazy that after a long day of work, I love going to the grocery store and making a big meal.  My inspiration for this blog is simple – my love for all things food.  Some of these recipes are borrowed, some are new, but all are stemmed from my love for cuisine.  Since cooking has always been a passion, I wanted to create a platform for sharing my affinity for the culinary world with family, friends, and followers.  Hope you enjoy!

IMG_1005 copy

Meeting my food idol, Giada de Laurentiis at her book signing… SUPER FAN GIRL!