Goat Cheese & Marinara Dip


I first had a rendition of this dip years ago at a tapas restaurant in Indianapolis.  I was absolutely wowed by the flavor, and my family and I were scraping the bottom of the dish!  I’ve brought this easy app to many pot lucks, and it is the EASIEST pre-dinner treat to throw together.


1 jar Marinara Sauce (your favorite!)

4 oz Goat Cheese

1/2 tsp Red Pepper Flakes (optional, but I like the spice)

Bread for Serving

Pour the marinara sauce & red pepper flakes into a sauce pan or small skillet, and place it over medium heat.  You’ll have to continue stirring as it begins to bubble, or your entire kitchen will have red splatter! Cook until the sauce is simmering.  Remove from heat and drop pieces of the goat cheese throughout the sauce.  Cover for about 2 minutes – this will allow the goat cheese to melt slightly.  Serve with bread, and dig in while you can… it won’t last long!

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